Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "village"?

The village concept is a national movement that organizes volunteers

within a community to provide services to their neighbors.

Services may include social visits, friendly phone calls or trips to a

medical appointment.


How does a village help improve health and quality of life?

Villages are designed to address social isolation, a significant predictor of early death. In fact, loneliness eclipses obesity and heavy smoking as a predictor of early death. Loneliness shortens the lifespan by 7.5 years. Importantly, it shortens the "healthspan" or the period of time when one is generally healthy and free of disease.


Why are villages an emerging trend?

Senior citizens are the fastest growing age group in the US, expected to reach 20% of the population in less than 15 years. Most senior households (88%) would prefer to stay in their current residences and their current communities as long as possible (AARP survey, 2014). Villages are growing in popularity across the country. Montgomery County currently has 23 active villages and 9 villages in the development phase, such as KFNV. The KFNV is one of four Rockville Villages that are either at the exploration or developmental stage.


Why is King Farm an ideal location for a village?

As a planned community, King Farm provides an ideal setting for launching a village and promoting healthy aging. It is physically designed to be walkable and near public transportation. King Farm’s location is convenient to multiple health care services, as well as cultural and educational venues—all of which are important for a high quality of life and for the lifestyle of active seniors.


How does a village help King Farm?

Villages support home ownership, community engagement and stable neighborhoods.


How can I help KFNV grow?

We welcome King Farm residents who want to volunteer their time to attend events and

meet their neighbors, commit to volunteer for a minimum number of hours per year.


How can I learn more?

us an email at