King Fam

 Photo by Koubek Photography 


We are a volunteer organization designed to help King Farm residents who would like to remain in their homes throughout their lives and "age in place".

The village concept began about 20 years ago in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, when a group of neighbors got together and started looking out for each other. The concept has evolved into a national movement, with hundreds of villages sprouting organically around the country.

Montgomery County currently has 23 active villages and 9 additional villages in development. The King Farm Neighbors Village is one of four emerging villages in Rockville. 


The purpose of a village is to enable senior residents to be mostly self-sufficient and improve their quality of life. The village coordinates services such as friendly visits, check-in phone calls, social events, health and safety events and transportation for a medical appointment. Neighbor-to-neighbor interaction is very important to health and well being. Social isolation is a greater predictor of early death than obesity, or heavy smoking. Loneliness shortens the lifespan by 7.5 years. It especially impacts the "healthspan" or the period of life where one is generally healthy and free from serious disease.

Each village determines its own goals and priorities based on the needs of residents and the willingness of volunteers. The King Farm Neighbors Village motto is: "Neighbors Helping Neighbors". Several of us have been working to establish a village in King Farm since 2014.

We are a registered affiliate of the King Farm Citizens Assembly, and have received a start-up grant from the city of Rockville.

We welcome new members and volunteers. For more information, please email us at