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The King Farm Neighbors Village (KFNV) first-ever, off-site event at True Respite Brewery Company on Friday, October 21st was a tasty success! The KFNV would like to thank True Respite co-owner and beer historian Steve Moore and The Chocolatier’s Palette, Chocolatier extraordinaire Jill for an evening of “edutainment.” Steve started the evening off with a very informative tour of the brewery. We learned little tidbits like: Did you know that True Respite matches the composition of the water they use in a particular style of beer to the area where this particular style originated? The educational part of the evening was followed by a delicious tasting of four craft beers with Chocolatier Jill’s delicious Belgian chocolate fudge. My favorite pairing was the ‘988’ beer matched with an orange and pineapple white chocolate fudge. Scrumptious!

A great way to spend an evening—tickling our tastebuds in our own Rockville backyard and spending time with new and old KFNV friends.

You can find True Respite Brewery at and Chocolatier Jill at:

Enjoying the tastings with KFNV friends.

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