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Update on KFNV In-Person Events

We hope all of you are staying safe during this worrisome period. In our first email in March, we promised an update about the cancellation of our in-person events; to that end we have decided to extend this suspension indefinitely. We will continue to take our guidance from our public health and governmental officials and will inform you when we are able to resume our in-person events.

Many of you are observing the holy holidays of Passover and Easter this week. Although you may not be able to be physically present with your loved ones during this holy period, we know that your sacrifice will save lives and allow you to be with your loved ones as soon as possible. Know too that the KFNV community will continue to support you through this time. Please stay healthy for yourself, your family, and the community; and a very blessed, restful, and hopeful Passover and Easter.

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