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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Election Services Offered

As part of the King Farm Neighbors Village (KFNV) outreach during this General Election season, KFNV is offering two services to its members. Specifically, KFNV has collected hard copies of the voting guides from the League of Women Voters. The KFNV will arrange delivery either to your home or to a convenient and safe location for you to pick up a guide. In addition, the KFNV is offering to deliver members’ completed mail-in ballots to voting Drop Boxes. If you would like to participate in either of these services, please contact the Member Coordinators at or leave a voicemail at (301) 799-8104.

On-line Information

To access a League of Women Voters Voting Guide on-line, please visit: Also, to confirm receipt of your mail-in ballot, please see:\. Finally, for general and on-line voting information, please visit the August 27th KFNV Blog above at

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